How are Rugs Made?

There are two different types of rugs in the world, handmade and machine made. Both of them are made via loom, but that’s where the similarities in the process end. A handmade rug is woven by a loom and then the knots at the end of the rug are tied by hand. The entire process takes a long time and requires a lot of dedication, which is why hand-woven rugs cost a lot more.

They can be crafted from materials like wool, silk, and cotton to name a few, and most of these cabin area rugs are designed to be collected and then treated very well by their new owners.

cabin area rugs

A machine-made rug by a power loom uses a lot less time and power, and cost much less. Power looms can use both natural and synthetic fibers and the loom is almost entirely automated. You can count on uniform stitching because every stitch and movement was plugged in in advance. The rugs typically don’t last as long as their hand-woven counterparts unless they are well maintained by their owners.

One key way to tell the difference is with the fringe that sticks out on the rug’s perimeter. If you find that the fringe is not knotted and instead simply sticks up, then you probably have a machine-made rug because the fringe was attached after the body of the rug was made. A hand-crafted rug will have the fringe be knotted because all those strands were part of the rug’s foundation.

Unless you are a collector, then you probably don’t need to worry about the major differences between the rug types. One does cost less than the other, and it does sound cool to rest your feet on a rug that was hand made, but with enough care and maintenance, either type of rug will last you a long while.

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