Believe It Or Not, Every Guy Still Needs A Tuxedo

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Most guys reading this note have all got the same thing in common. Well, two things in common then. Because not a single guy probably has a tux in his wardrobe. His personal, cultural and work life does not require that he wear a tuxedo on a regular basis. It would be a complete waste of money to buy one or two tuxedos that you are never going to wear. Well, hardly wear. Because that’s the next thing you all have in common.

If like me, you would not be here if you weren’t looking for tuxedo rentals near me. Because there are always going to be those rare, rare occasions where, like me, you’ve been invited to a do and the invitation card expressly mentions that the dress code is black tie. And what that means is having to wear a tux. Like me, most guys don’t fancy the idea of wearing a tux. But what’s a guy to do. Most guys are not attention seekers and will just go along with the flow.

The event’s invitation card may state that the dress code is simply formal. And that is easy enough, because most guys have at least one or two suits in their wardrobe, and matching ties and formal wear shirts too. So, no need to go shopping or hire a suit. I’ve got three good suits in my cupboard. And then there’s two further smart casual jackets which are rarely worn these days. Because here is a guy who prefers to wear his bomber jacket.

Imitation leather, its plastic really, this jacket is now worn to shreds. There’s some picky people out there who do not like the sight of this but who the heck cares.

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